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On a regular day at this time of the month, it’s prime time for Apxara Travel & Events to be continuously planning and organizing incentive trips and events such as conferences, dinners, roadshows that usually happens all year long. But during these unsettling times due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the Restriction Movement Order (RMO), our business routines are changing.

Being a company that specializes in large gatherings, and not being able to do what we do best; organizing incentive travels and mass events has taken a toll on us.

Are we upset? Yes. Are we coping well? Yes. Do we have plans? Of course, we do!

The Covid-19 was like a massive slap in the face that none of us were prepared for. It’s a new challenge for us to overcome, but that’s it. It’s just another challenge and we Apxara Travel & Events are well up in conquering new challenges.

We are a group of creative minds that are not only hard at work in curving the impact of Covid-19 but we are also ready to roll with the punches. Some of the initiatives that we have taken are refashioning our business plans to be even more digitally-driven. For example, if you wish to plan a conference but Covid-19 is in the way, have no fear Apxara Travel & Events is here! You can always take it online as we also specialize in Webcasts & Webinars.

Apart from that, instead of getting into our feelings with the situation that we have very little control over, we get into heavy discussions with the team in response to our clients and brands, we focus on what we can innovate and improve on while we continue to support and value them.

Being an event company fighting against Covid-19 is almost like being soldiers in a battlefield, your events are the countries we fight for, the team members are the strong faithful regiments fighting the enemy, in other words, Covid-19.

In these trying times we are aware that things are going to be difficult in the next few months but nevertheless, we have strong faith in our team and we will continue to do our best and think way outside of the box, dig really deep and rely on each other until we see light at the end of the tunnel. Because in the end everything is going to be okay, if it’s not okay it’s not the end.

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