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So What’s Next For the Conference, Exhibition & Events Industry?

Discover 4 New Formats for Virtual Events

We are extremely honoured that we are still connecting and engaging with our customers - discussing the best way to migrate their launches, awards, kick-off meetings, conferences to virtual. Then again, there are unlimited ways to bring your next event virtual and it gets complicated when one starts to ask on accessibility of the virtual event via multiple devices from desktops to mobiles and tablets, not to mentioned if speakers should be streamed live or pre-recorded, and the list of confusion goes on.

Though virtual events have been around, but it didn’t really change the event industry till Covid19 landed on our shores and that’s when Aaviians (employees of Aavii) went on accelerated learning to arm ourselves with multi-function versatility to integrate different virtual platforms and digital engagement tools to build what is known as a Virtual Event of today. We will all agree that there has been a seismic shift in the way we do a lot of things today including what is known to Aaviians –”Our bread & butter” – the Conference & Events industry.

We learned from many of our customers that their audience are suffering from screen fatigue and eyes are getting more and more blurry by the end of every day on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex, hence they are seeking out for inventive yet affordable solutions from agencies in terms of what can be done. This has led to an influx of ground-breaking virtual events format & solutions at break-neck speed.


1) LIVE BROADCAST FROM MULTIPLE LOCAL & GLOBAL LOCATIONS : As many countries are still in a ‘somewhat’ lockdown state, live presenters brought in from various local, regional and even global locations are easily brought in (‘log-in’) as keynote or panelist sessions. Since our first lockdown, speakers have 9 months of learning experience in speaking to a camera in a studio environment which can be excellent for kick-off meeting speech, townhall, seminars and corporate conferences. Audience engagement tools such as Slido, MentiMeter, Group Photos, Lucky Draw can be introduced to add extra spice to the broadcasting 2) PRE-RECORDED LAUNCH GIMMICK, PERFORMANCES, SEMINARS OR SCIENTIFIC LECTURES : The biggest value of doing a pre-recorded event is of course to minimize the margin of error especially if it involves launch gimmick, live performances or speakers who are camera-shy. The other perk of doing a pre-recorded event also is from the event’s design & concept perspective where it can appear as more custom-built with designated branding and animation which can be added on after the recording. Pre-recording is also extremely useful if you multiple language translations are required and if you are obsessed with a perfect event flow and cast-on-stones outcome.

3) PRE-RECORDED & LIVE : Still confused with your choice of how to push forward your next virtual event? Perhaps the best of both worlds is your solution. A mix of branded content with animation coupled with live speakers interwoven with pre-recorded presentations, speeches, launch gambit, or performances is currently a hit for product launches, award presentations or information delivery with panel discussion that has multiple depths to your virtual event.

4) SIMULIVE: First time hearing this term? You’re not the only one ! Simulive is the replaying of a recording that look and feel like a live webinar. Simulive is the product that brings pre-recorded content to a live event audience and presents it as if it is live. For example, recording a live presentation session in multiple studios and stitch those videos together - this gives you the best of both worlds; a live feel with presenter interaction but the ability to get the best edit possible. This also allows more time for enhanced background animations, particularly if shot against green screen, and multiple languages translation. Items like polling and live questions can also be added so delegates can participate live. Useful for conveying corporate, brand and product messages and compiling delegate feedback with post event analysis.


When Covid19 hit our shores, Aaviians have worked around the clock to ensure we stay relevant to the industry. Since March 18th, 2020 we have managed closed to 140 Virtual Events in the form of remote & hybrid webinars, pre-recorded, live or simulive streaming and our product offerings continue to expand during this pandemic. Our creativity, content development, production, registration services, audience engagement & understanding our audience journey remains unchanged and valid in this digital space. Moving forward, Aavii will continue to grow our service portfolio to Virtual Conference & Exhibition Platform debuting in December 2020 and Medical Marketing Solutions by March 2021. This is not just a job for us, it’s our LIFE!

Partial of this article are excerpts written by Mr. Dan Umney, Creative Director, BCD Meetings & Events.

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