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What Are Hybrid Events and How It Works

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Whether it's because of overlapping schedules, costs, travel restrictions, or a large number of people who would love to partake in an event with your company but simply cannot participate due to the pandemic and our current practices of social distancing. However, if companies and organizers are hoping to expand their event and brand to new audiences, they still need alternative methods to reach them.

There are many factors of not being able to execute an event: overlapping schedules, costs, travel restrictions or an excessively large crowd. However, if companies still want to expand their event and brand to new audiences, they will need alternative methods to achieve those goals.

What are hybrid events?

A hybrid event is the type of event that has both a virtual and a physical element. Hybrid events merge technology with traditional event practices to create new sorts of attendees' experiences by using digital tools for delivering content. They are events with at least one face-to-face group of participants at multiple locations digitally through a virtual environment meeting, video stream, or webinar.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Aavii Worldwide, Ms. Annette Wood recently introduced hybrid events for a clients' product launch, and here are examples of how a hybrid event would work:

  • We make options available for outstation delegates to watch the product launch live from the comforts of their home or even from wherever they are through broadcasting on the web.

  • Small media gatherings can also be conducted on the same day as the actual launch event for outstation delegates to celebrate the launch over a networking meal, without physically attending the main event but attending it virtually.

  • A virtual/live discussion can be organized but a moderator will be needed. The selection of a virtual conference room will be essential especially when your event has breakout sessions. Remote attendants will be able to ask their questions. The moderator's role is to filter and direct those questions to esteemed speakers, to answer. As well as ensuring that both live and virtual audiences are on the same page.

By organizing a hybrid event, participants can experience a full launch from a more physical presence rather than it being launched entirely via Webinar. It is livelier when there are more people at the live event to officiate the launch compared to a 100% webinar-only launch. Hybrid events give you the possibility to expand your reach and opportunities.


To find out what else we can do for you, in terms of organizing a comprehensive and significant hybrid event experience not only for you but for your attendees.

You may reach out to us at

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