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Our Commitment


Our Commitment to the Healthcare Industry

Motivated by our 20 years of commitment in the healthcare industry, we offer customized solutions for a wide range of healthcare clients including global pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, life sciences laboratories, hospitals, nutrition companies & professional medical societies. Our full-service solutions range from virtual to physical, hybrid to remote webinars for Continuous Medical Education (CMEs), Standalones, Webinar Series, Road Shows, Congresses, Product Launches, Expert Meetings, Kick-Off Meetings, and Mid Term Reviews for HCPs or internal employees.

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Campaign Communication



Health communication campaigns are an important method for health promotion. The general approach to campaign development is described and patterns of campaign effects across behavioral contexts are noted. Several high-profile campaigns in the United States are presented as examples and key learnings from each campaign are highlighted. The roles of theory, as well as major types of theories commonly used in campaign research, are also discussed. The article urges greater efforts to document and understand diverse campaign experiences around the world.

Medical Copywriting


Medical Copywriting & Visual Enhancement

Our pool of freelance medical writers has medical or scientific backgrounds combined with creative writing skills that enable them to analyze complex scientific information or medical concepts and turn it into a high-quality and accurate medical writing which caters to the clients’ requirements. If you have your preferred medical writers or companies, we offer the fun part to beautify, animate and elevate your piece to be visually appealing before adapting to various platforms such as iPads, websites, or any other marketing material & print. Some of the most common therapeutic areas of medical writing and enhancements are for cardiovascular medicine, oncology, immunology, dermatology, and nutrition.

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Advisory Board Report & Visual Enhancement


Advisory Board

Advisory boards (also known as advisory panels, advisory committees, advisory councils) are a group of industry specialists or experienced people appointed to give advice, recommendations, or counsel in connection with the healthcare industry's purpose. Our team of the medical copywriter can seat in an advisory board to ensure meetings are run efficiently & effectively by:


• Prepare an agenda and seek input from participants

• Distribute information in advance

• Stick to time when running the meeting

• Follow up on actions

• Keep minutes

• Keep members informed of developments and activities between meetings.


Keeping minutes can be a useful way of confirming that the advisory board’s role is purely advisory and that they are not acting on behalf of the organization or making decisions.

Marketing Material Copywriting


Every piece of content we provide will educate Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) about the benefits of your products, push them through the sales funnel, and give your sales representatives the edge.

That’s how my best-in-class methods and deep expertise in the B2B marketing strategy will transform marketing into a powerful revenue-generating business function for you. Our partners & freelance copywriting services in Malaysia include:

  • Medical Leave-Behind Materials

  • Clinic Posters

  • Detail Aid

  • Company profiles

  • Blog articles for SEO

  • Websites

  • Digital ads

  • Social media posts

  • Powerpoints

  • Sponsored content and native content

  • Brochures, leaflets, and product catalogs

  • Datasheets and eBooks

  • Corporate and product videos



Gamification is adding game mechanics into nongame environments, like a game application to increase participation for a product, launch, or part of a campaign leading up to launch. The goal of our gamification is to engage with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), employees, and partners to inspire collaborate, share, and interact with a common objective or product initiative. Gamification works by providing audiences with proactive directives and feedback through game mechanics and game dynamics added to online platforms that lead to the accomplishments of business goals and objectives.


A compelling gamification experience taps into a participant’s emotions and demonstrates, easily, the best activities an audience can complete that make an impact on mutually shared goals. As employees or customers interact with a gamification program, they receive immediate feedback on performance and guided the next steps towards new achievements. Gamification ultimately is about driving engagement to influence business results. When people participate and engage with your gamification initiative, they learn the best way to interact with your business, your products, your services, and your brand.

The business value of gamification doesn’t end with the participant. Engagement with game mechanics provides insightful data that can help influence marketing campaigns, platform utilization, and performance goals. Every HCPs or audience interaction gives a better sense of where a participant is spending their time and what activities drive interest.

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