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3 Ways How Augmented Reality Could Work in Communicating Brands and Ideas Across to Audiences

Coronavirus is having a catastrophic effect on so many industries especially the hospitality, travel & events industry, globally. It is causing the economy to change, step by step and creating a massive disruption in companies including airlines, the travel & events industry, logistics and many more. The pandemic has triggered change in people and actions by individuals, as they keep away from public interaction, major events, travelling, public transport, flights and so on and so forth.

The restrictions to social distance and limitation to self-quarantine hits the conventional working environment. But on the positive side, the pandemic has given the virtual and digital world a lift when innovation kicks into action and does not let Coronavirus affect the working environment.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) allows for the superimposition and application of digital information into our physical environment/events.

For many of us now restricted from organizing big scale events in this global pandemic, AR is a device that can help us turn our immediate setting into spaces for learning, work and entertainment. It is used mainly for visualisation, annotation and storytelling.

Augmented reality has been around for years, the technology isn’t new. Yet somehow it has not been fully adopted and hasn’t reached its full potential to open up better forms of communicating brands and ideas across to audiences. The conventional ways of communication rely on one-way expressions. Exploring AR brings forth engagement in a typical communication objective, simply by allowing users and audiences to participate in an act of receiving communication. Augmented Reality could work in communicating brands and ideas across to audiences through:


Augmented Reality allows you to bring virtual objects or concepts into reality that in any other way are difficult to grasp or otherwise imagined. For example, product demonstration. Our client from the medical industry is organizing a medical conference, by using augmented reality content they are able to demonstrate the benefits of using their product to the human body in ways not otherwise possible. By using AR to scan images or objects using a tablet, it allows users to interact with the object and view graphics or video content that can be made as detailed as possible, example: the microscopic details of the human anatomy in 3D.


Augmented reality also provides new creative ways for storytelling. AR alters the way we share stories by adding new and different perspectives. Example, by having an augmented reality backdrop content at your event, you can use your smartphone to scan over any photo of the product/object in the backdrop to unlock a related description or story regarding the product. Apart from that, product descriptions can also be in the form of a video where the guest scans the backdrop and a video content pops up on their smartphone.

Virtual attendees can also experience the Augmented Reality from home when AR content is designed on brochures or invitation cards, where the guests at home can use their smartphones to scan the image on the brochure to unlock the same related description or story regarding the product. This changes the way we communicate, share and even remember products.


One of the most common uses for augmented reality is, reality visualization. For example, at a typical medical conference attendee would attend workshops exhibiting new pharmaceutical procedures lead by designated speakers. By using AR annotations, experts can directly annotate what you are looking at to guide you through a process without having to be physically present.

If you haven’t already experienced AR and you’re ready to leap into the future of content, you’re only a step away from shifting from the traditional. Here’s something that would give you your first taste of Augmented Reality by Lessons in Her Story

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