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4 Key Practices to Enhance your Webinar Engagement

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Webinars are an efficient platform for providing informative content to people who are curious about your industry. But some of the webinars do not meet the audience's expectations. Whether you are hoping to encourage the number of attendance or explore new ways to engage with your online attendees, take these four key practices to make sure your next webinar is a success.

1. Have an Enticing Topic

You need to have an enticing topic to effectively engage with your attendees. It is very tricky to draw interested attendees to your webinar if you just have a common topic for the webinar. Your topic will also determine how accessible it is to engage with your online audience throughout the presentation.

You can have many topics in your webinar, whether you are presenting case studies, a "how-to" webinar, an educational workshop, or online training. But you should present your topic with the “wow” factor, as it will help pique the interest of online attendees. You should use phrases what describes your topic unique, it will make your presentations much more effective and refreshing.

2. Immerse Your Audience with Eye-Catching Visual Content

Captivating visuals are vital for keeping the online audiences engaged in your webinar. Stock icons and unevocative photos will make your presentation look incompetent. People are not willing to commit their time to something that may be perceived as effortless or bland looking.

Stunning visual content, illustrations, relevant videos, and motion graphics can retain your audience’s immersion to the presentation. Appealing visual content will also accurately express the ideas or topics you're sharing. Meanwhile, keep on-screen text to a minimum, since it can be overwhelming to your online attendees if they need to read your slides and hear your presentation all at once.

3. Make your Webinar Interactive

The more interactive your webinars are, the more your online attendees will feel that they are a part of the session.

You can conduct a quiz before or during your presentation to gauge what your online attendees are anticipating. You can use online polls, online interactive game or the webinar platform’s live chat to interact with them. You can also induce audience engagement by conducting surveys or queries via Slido or Mentimeter that allows your online attendees to participate in the webinar session.

4. Use Q&A Sessions Often

Many webinar presenters will leave the Q&A only towards the end. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can use Q&A sessions more productively if you divide them up into smaller sessions and use them throughout the presentation. If you practice having more Q&A sessions, it will keep your audiences more attentive in a webinar.

You will also be able to discuss challenges and clarify questions when the topic is still fresh in their minds. For example, if someone has an important question to ask, but they have to wait for an hour, they will spend more time thinking about their question rather than your presentation. Thus, it is important to spread out few small Q&A sessions throughout the webinar to have enhanced interactivity.

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