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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us to Manage Your Webinar

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Many people may ask: What is so hard about managing a webinar? I can do it myself!

This thought may have appeared in your mind when you hear event management companies promoting their webinar management services. Many individuals are still not aware of what does an event company do to manage a large-scale webinar with 500 attendees or more. A webinar has many complex facets that need to be handled by a professional team to help keep things organized and to help make a webinar as seamless as possible. Here are 5 reasons on why you should hire us to manage your webinars!

1. Registration Management

We can create a registration link that can be blasted to the webinar attendees to register themselves and know about the event details. With the data collected from this registration link, we can tabulate a RSVP report for the clients. Once the client filters the valid registrants, we will send a confirmation email to the attendees with dedicated access link. Moreover, we will send a reminder email with the webinar application link.

Registration Management is not only for Pre-Event purposes, we can also provide post-event reporting by tabulating post-event data such as registrant attendance and time of when the attendee enters the webinar.

2. Rehearsals and Pre-Event Preparation

We aim to ensure that the speakers and attendees of the webinar are well-informed and prepared for the webinar day to prevent any potential mishaps that may occur on the day. We provide two user manuals: Presenter Manual and Attendee Manual. The Presenter Manual provides a step-by-step guideline of how to use the webinar application’s many features, as it is important for the speaker to be familiarized with the functions of the platform.

The Attendee Manual guides attendees on how to download the webinar application and how to use the necessary functions on the application (such as muting yourself or to join computer audio). This manual also includes instructions regarding audience engagement tools such as, Mentimeter or any other platforms used in the webinar, to educate the attendees on how they can participate in the Q&A session or relevant engagement activities.

Besides the manuals, it is also important to have rehearsals with the presenters to ensure that they are clear about how to use the webinar application and what they should during the event day. We will also help rehearse with the speakers to practice the flow for the actual event day.

3. Slide Management

We will help moderate the flow of the slides and ensure that we can provide smooth transition of presentation slides between different speakers of the webinar. We have a dedicated slide manager that controls who can share their screens, as there may be multiple speakers with different presentations. We will help craft the housekeeping announcement which is an announcement of house rules for the webinar attendees (such as muting and camera revealing), and relevant instructions for Q&A sessions or audience engagement platforms. We can also help design a default screen with background music when the audience is waiting for the webinar to start to keep them entertained.

4. Q&A Management

The Q&A session may seem like a basic element that can be managed easily by anyone, but there is much more going on than it meets the eye. With hundreds of attendees asking questions in the webinar, there needs to be someone to manage these countless questions. We would normally pass the relevant questions of the talk to the moderator, while we would answer all the technical questions regarding visual problems, audio issues and Q&A troubles. We will help filter out any questions that are not relevant to the main topic or technical matters. At the end of the webinar, we will generate a report for the Q&A sessions as data that can be studied by the client.

5. Real-time Technical Backup

During the webinar event day, we offer real-time technical support to immediately assist speakers that may have sudden technical issues. If the speaker has internet issues and is unable to show their slides, the technical support to take over to share their screen and help present the speaker’s slides for them. If there are any audio visual issues experienced by the attendees, they will do their best to solve the problem right away.

To inquire more about webinars and what else we can do for you, in terms of coordinating a successful webinar experience.

You can reach out to us via email at

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