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CEO Blog: A Visit to Jordan

I started with the Travel Industry when I was 21. In the last 26 years of my travel life as a Conference & Incentive Travel Planner, I have gone to places far and wide, from east to west, north to south but never to the poles though, not yet at least. I must express my love for the diversity in terms of unique & stunning sites that Jordan has to offer.

Petra is simply magical be it day or night and the area of this former sandstone city is mind boggling, not to mention every turn is super Instagrammable and every shot screams magnanimity!

For Christians friends, you get to see the very place where Jesus was baptized and Moses saw the promise land.

Just when you think that is all, you can experience floating on the Dead Sea facing Israel (a country Malaysians are not allowed to visit) before you put on nourishing mud from the Dead Sea to rejuvenate your skin. And oh.... Don't forget to drive down further south to soak in the desert of Wadi Rum, where countless movies were made and do book yourself a night in a classic Bedouin tent or a luxurious See-Through-Pod powered by oxygen so you can gaze upon the millions of midnight stars that filled your vision.

Enough you think? Well there is also Jerash, less than an hour ride from the capital of Jordan, Amman where your photography skills will be needed to take those Athens-like shots of the former Roman city.

Lastly, how can a Malaysian travel without buying something to bring home? You like your almonds, pecans, nuts and dates? Well, the markets of Amman is where you get them.

If you are still reading this, why not share with me what is that one destination (besides Malaysia) where YOU have been, and it took your breath away & why? Leave us your comments below!

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Such an interesting place!


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