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Are Conferences Leading the Way in Malaysia's Economic Recovery for the Events Industry?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

September is a game-changer for some in the conference & events industry. In-person or physical conferences are back in action, though very slowly, but the hope is - it will continue to gain traction towards the end of the year. A pharmaceutical client rolled out their first in-person physical conference titled “Insulin Management” for 115 attendees over 2 days in Terengganu. The well attended event was initially planned for 80 people, but due to overwhelming registration a further increase of attendees saw room bookings increased with a final 68 rooms occupied for the venue. Spanned over 2 days for half day sessions each, it reduces having 115 delegates in a confined environment for a full day meeting and made way and time for sanitizing. Our team at #aavii ensured that all microphones and touch points were properly sanitized while ballroom door handles were sanitized every hour.

Delegate Response to Physical Conference

The onsite experience (from attendees’ faces and engagement results) is sheer ‘relief’ as there was this pent up need to share knowledge within the same profession, afterall we are homosapiens who yearn for connection and interaction – what more when the lined-up speakers were insulin management’s top doctors. Is this the new beginning for physical events and would you consider holding a face to face event next? From what we gathered from our audience, as long as there is proper processes – physical distancing, people put on their mask and proper sanitization – audience are eager to return to physical engagement rather seating behind their laptops or desktops talking in front of a camera. We remain hopeful that business events will continue to grow as we clearly know that we will be having 3 other similar physical events within September 2020 alone. Whether this is last, fearing of a possible 2nd Wave of Covid19 cases, many will chose to wait it out. Nonetheless, do know that our clients are ready to pounce back to physical events, but the big question remains “To do or not to do”.

Our subsidiary, Apxara Travel & Events is a fully licensed travel agent and conference planner with almost 2 decades of experience in managing and executing medical events, launches, digital/virtual events, and the whole works across different industries – Healthcare, Beauty, Banks & Insurance while our other subsidiary in Audio Visual, Accucap specializes in staging, interactive events technology and audio visual equipment & studio rental.

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