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How the Healthcare Industry is Using Webinar

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In this pandemic time, many businesses, corporations, and associations are seeking new methods of broadcasting information amid the movement control order status in Malaysia. In the past before the MCO, such seminars have been held to increase awareness of healthcare-related matters. Presently, several professional bodies have begun to attempt webinars that are intended to be a virtual equivalent of this.

A webinar is seen as a cost-effective alternative to both communication, promotion, and content marketing. By doing so, it is easy to reach your target audience directly and efficiently. Organizing a webinar, a variety of formats may be incorporated to make sure online audiences get the most out of the webinar experience. This may include PowerPoint slides, videos, discussions among the key-opinion-leaders, polling questions to gauge the audiences, and Q&A to stir-up focal discussions.

Days prior to the remote webinar, assessments of equipment involved especially the laptops and internet stability were carried out respectively, to ensure these met the optimal requirements of running a remote webinar. Rehearsals were conducted to allow the stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the interface of the webinar platform, ensuring a smooth experience for the audiences. Advised on the best practices, webinar etiquette and guided instructions ultimately to guarantee an engaging webinar.

Our achievements from one of the fourteen remote webinars we (Aavii) had managed over the past month were with the Malaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society (MEMS); supported by a reputable International Health Science corporation presenting a series on national diabetes concerns in preparation of the fasting month of Ramadan. Hosted by a prominent Key-Opinion-Leader (KoL), Dr. Zanariah Hussein, a Consultant Endocrinologist from Putrajaya Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Together with a panel of learned professionals of doctors & professors of their respective disciplines the webinar had brought valuable insights and sharing throughout the 2 hours session. The webinar was welcomed with an exceptional turnout of 740 online audiences from around the region; this was very encouraging in contrast to the traditional seminar events.

The medical presentations also serve the function of keeping healthcare professionals & audiences up-to-date on the latest development and best practices on better managing diabetes health for the fasting month; results of research studies and new applications for treatment methods or medications were shared effectively among the panels and the audiences. A question and answer session will facilitate dialogue between the panel speakers and the online audiences so that those participating can be sure they understand the material. This also helps the audience form a connection between the speaker and the credentials they are representing.

A webinar has the advantage of being able to be set up in a matter of weeks or even days. In the past, a seminar might take months of planning and preparation before being achieved. Another benefit of webinars is that an organization or association does not need to worry about how many attendees will be participating. In oppose to a traditional seminar would often need a minimum number of attendees to justify the resources needed to move forward.

If you're wondering how you could turn your next meetings or seminar into a winning webinar - we're excited to help you to achieve this. Start by dropping us an email at


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Nice... Well Done Team!

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Nice! Well done team!

Mi piace

Fantastic of the Live Webinar and I like the video of Apxara Masterminds, so funny & creative

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Innovation is important now to continue updating doctors while at CMCO

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Good to learn!

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