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How to Elevate Your Next Virtual Launch with Gamification

Every launch needs that one spark to engage with your target audience and to effectively communicate your key messages. As mentioned in our previous article on introducing gamification, the purpose of gamification programs is to motivate your audience to achieve desired behavior and drive learning outcomes using points, levels or badges. In this article, we outline the three different types of interactive gamification for your next virtual launch, virtual event or campaign.

1) Fully Downloadable Game Applications

If your next launch or campaign needs long term engagement and wider reach to your audience, then you may consider having a fully downloadable application for your game. The application will be made available to the public and it is designed for long term play, to use addictive game mechanics and creatively ingrained information to educate your audience about your highlighted messages. The benefits of having an application, is that it may not necessarily require WiFi to play the game and be kept as a standalone app in your mobile devices without the need of using your browser.

2) Web-Based Microsites for Games

For short term engagement with fewer intricacies and narrower reach, creating a web-based microsite for your games will be an ideal option. A special link will be formed when the microsite is created, and whoever has the link URL may play the game on their web browser where ever they are and best of all “on-demand”, as and when they wish to play or fiddle with the game. This is a great choice if you prefer to keep your audience to a specific target group depending on the subject & audience profile. Getting people ‘excited’ with such engagement is a great way to a pre-launch engagement.

3) PowerPoint Game Decks with Customized Animations

If budget is your main concern, yet you wish to have that gamification concept for your next event, a full customized PowerPoint game deck with designed artworks and unique animations would be a great pick. A game deck consists of the overall game’s art direction, player avatars, and your desired content for the game itself. The game mechanics for these PowerPoint decks are mostly limited to trivias and puzzles that can be edited by us to simulate a game show. These decks are used as what will be shown on the screen of your virtual meeting and will be managed by the slide manager of the virtual event. The game is not directly accessed by the players such as the first two options.

Because we are governed by Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are unable to specifically share our case-studies in this article, but you are encouraged to contact our team at with the subject header: “Gamification by Aavii” and our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Interested? How do you start?

Please do get ready a brief with product specifics, ideas or 3 key objectives for your product or event for easier communication. Our range of Gamification products is limitless and our fees ranges from as low as RM25,000 to RM250,000 depending on graphic requirement, complexities and man-hours required to develop the app. A typical time frame for us to get ready a game concept is 14 days and up to 60days (based on the simplest requirement) excluding approvals and response waiting time, for the first view of the app.

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