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Reinvention & Digitalization: Corporate Events' Solution to The Post-Pandemic World

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Forward planning and thinking are the keystone to recovery, with Aavii Worldwide Sdn Bhd suggesting that long term preparation should be the priority especially when preparing your businesses for the post-pandemic world.

The landscape of corporate events is undergoing a massive change with the evolution of new technologies and work styles. In the last couple of months, we saw many major events such as the 2020 Summer Olympics, Premier League, award ceremonies being cancelled or postponed. This is also the case with the organizers of other meetings, conferences, product launching activities, most of which were put to an end to or in a state of uncertainty.

Aavii worldwide is making big efforts to emulate big smart companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and others that are engaged in a rapid transition to build and participate with virtual events to both communicate and serve their clients/audiences. Hence, there will be a big transformation with shorter lead times.

As an event agency, Aavii Worldwide Sdn Bhd is re-inventing its employees and business to be more pertinent to the post-pandemic world. The higher management and Chiefs of the company has with immediate effect, restructured their long-term growth plan for the company to meet the post-pandemic demands.

Francis Cheong, owner and Chief Executive Officer of Aavii Worldwide Sdn Bhd takes initiative to re-invent the company and employees on a daily basis, mobilizing the team in the last 50 days to accommodate the business unusual or what we now call, “The New Normal”. He sees it as an opportunity for the company to embrace change with a new way of doing things – and digital events can be amazing when well conducted.

Many organizations already have modern working methods such as working from home via virtual meetings and conference calls on platforms like Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams or other webinar platforms – a revolutionary new method of hosting events online. Jim Tan, the Chiefs Operating Officer has on-going efforts to re-skill the operations and tech team to work effectively in the new world order and up to this point, they have successfully managed 8 webinars scaling from 10 to 1559 number of online attendees.

He is also leading the company’s 2020 business plan to go digital, that focuses on 4 main areas; Digital Event, Content, Website and Mobile App, Event Technology Consulting that is currently being championed by leaders from each department in the company. Annette Wood, the Chief Marketing Officer, is already conceptualizing a hybrid launch event for a Pharma client that will combine a small intimate launch of 20 people with a webinar for doctors from around Malaysia to dial in nationwide.

Aavii Worldwide, also rolled out their first Live Streaming town hall on the morning of May 12th using a green screen and animation background featuring both the Chief Sales Officer, KL Yuen and Chief Finance Officer, Vivian Lee in a talk show-like setup, updating the team on the latest events and happenings over the past week.

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1 Comment

Digital is the only way to go for events until we have a vaccine for Covid19, don't you think?


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