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SILK ROAD, where history echoes in the present.

The incentive travel division of Apxara Travel & Events, a subsidiary of Aavii Worldwide recently visited the world-renowned Silk Road starting and ending our journey from Beijing, China. Starting our journey on Malaysia Airlines arriving at the largest airport in the world, Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX).

The gigantic Daxing airport, with the impressive shape which has given it the nickname “Starfish”, has enormous dimensions (an area equivalent to almost 100 football pitches). The airport has been designed to accelerate passenger travel throughout the building, allowing passengers to walk from the central courtyard of the terminal to any of the 79 gates within eight minutes.

Aavii Incentive team traversed Ürümqi, (by taking domestic flight from Daxing aiport). It is a city in Western China that claims to be the most inland big city in the world. The name "Ürümqi" comes from the Mongolic Oirat language and means "Beautiful Pasture". The city is clean, pleasant, and modern, considering it is the most remote city on earth.

The team also explored Dunhuang Bookstore, which is the first Dunhuang-themed bookstore in China, covering an area of nearly 800 square meters. It collects more than 20,000 Dunhuang-themed books, collaborating with over 1,000 publishers nationwide. The bookstore also a multi-functional modern space that combines books, calligraphy and paintings, cultural creative products, coffee, and cultural activities.

Beijing offers a range of cultural experiences, from traditional tea ceremonies, sample authentic Beijing cuisine and to Chinese acrobatics and kung fu performances. Aavii Incentive Team discovered a wealth of Beijing’s historical landmarks e.g Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Pedestrian Street, and The Mutianyu Great Wall. Overall, Beijing is a captivating destination that managed to preserve its unique charm and cultural identity, with a blend of history and contemporary urban life, making it a perfect Incentive Trip’s destination.

Aavii is a fully integrated Meetings, Conferences, & Incentive Travel company with 20 years experience in crafting meeting themes to elevate audience engagement globally. Our subsidiaries, Apxara Travel & Events is a partner of Global Event Agency, BCD Meetings & Events based in Chicago, Illinois, USA whilst Accucap owns a full range of events technology & content development agency.

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