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Tailored Solutions for Your Webinar Needs!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

With the rise in the demand for webinars, AAVII Worldwide has been an active player in organising and executing large-scale webinars for many clients and venues. We aim to provide the most effective webinar experience to our clients by providing dynamic solutions that caters to different issues regarding webinars. Instead of offering rigidly planned packages to our clients, we will create a dedicated package for the client based on our tailored solutions after thorough discussion.

Here are many scenarios and examples of different needs from different clients, and how we adapt to those different needs.

Example A – Q&A Poll Size

GoToWebinar, is a popular video conference platform that has a poll function that allows for 20 polling questions maximum. If the client wants more than 20 questions, then we will suggest another platform such as, a Q&A and polling platform for meetings and events, that can have unlimited number of polling questions.

Example B – Virtual Backgrounds

A client may want to have a unique background to be presented during the webinar, as they may believe that their own background at home is not that amusing. We can help setup a green screen at your location to set up a virtual background that can make your presentation more visually appealing.

Example C – Number of Attendees

We are flexible when it comes to different circumstances, like when you have an event that has over 1000 PAX, we will offer to use GoToWebinar instead of Zoom. Zoom, the most popular web conferencing platform, doesn’t allow for over 1000 pax. We will ensure that we are well-informed about the capabilities and limitations for platforms, so we can provide a solution for any immediate problem.

Example D – Technical Assistance

We can also solve any tricky technical issues that the client may have. Whether if the speaker’s webcam is not displaying a clear image, or the speaker’s laptop is too slow and unstable, or if the speaker’s room does not have sufficient lighting for their presentation, we can help provide a laptop or additional lighting equipment to aid the speaker.

Interested in inquiring more about webinars and what solutions we can provide to your needs to coordinate a successful webinar experience?

You can reach out to us via email at

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