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The Journey of The Maverick & COO of AAVII

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Jim graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. Having tried accounting for a few years, he found accounting boring and so he decided to venture out onto his own in order to start his business.

His first foray into business was providing IT and AV equipment’s for hotels. It was a venture to last only a few years as he realized that the turnaround time for hotel CAPEX replenishment was too long to be a fruitful business.

He took the proceeds of that business and invested into the events audio-visual rental business which he started called Accucap MSC Sdn Bhd. His first few major clients were L'Oreal and Petronas as well as Malaysia's 2nd biggest exhibition company called Innogen. The business grew through a series of peaks/ spikes and dips right up to 2012, where he partnered up with one the former heads of the Renong group.

Through a number of capital injections, Accucap acquired more and more rental inventories and continued to serve clients in the Oil and Gas industry, the Beauty and Cosmetics industry, several key property developers such as SP Setia, Eco World and Mah Sing as well as other main stream brands and MNCs. Accucap established a name for creating complicated AV projects such as projection mapping, interactive touch technology and complex visual projects.

In 2016 Jim took over controlling stake of Accucap and through another merger, formed Aavii Worldwide with CEO of Apxara Travel and Events, Mr. Francis Cheong in 2016/17.

Today Jim serves as the Group Chief Operating Officer of Aavii Worldwide and oversees both operations for Apxara as well as Accucap. Since the merger, Aavii has grown from strength to strength and in the 2nd year of the post-merger achieved its best financial achievement in history followed by an even better year in 2019.

Jim is currently the successor in planning to take over from the CEO when he retires. His strengths lie in his strategic maneuvering in sales and marketing as well as spotting opportunity in the business environment. Through the effort of his team, Aavii has now expanded their customer segments from Pharmaceuticals and Insurances to Banking, Cosmetics and Beauty, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas. In 2019, the group doubled its new customers over the previous year to 30 new customers.

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