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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Although webinars have been existing for a long time in this digital internet age, with the Covid-19 outbreak and the continuity of restriction movement order, web presentations are the way to go!

To those readers that are new to webinar, you probably have questions running through your mind like “what is a webinar?” “why webinar?” & most importantly “how does it work?”

To answer your questions in a much less complicated way, a webinar or in other words a ‘web seminar’ is a live online conference or presentation, with tools that allow you to interact with audiences by asking & answering questions, sometimes answering polls, engaging interaction and having present discussions in real time. A webinar is different than a webcast, click HERE to understand the differences between Webinar vs Webcast.

As a matter of fact, a webinar is considered an online event that connects speakers with participants, virtually regardless of where they are in the world. You can be in your kitchen in Rome or you can be in a hotel room in Bangkok yet still attend or present at a webinar. It’s as simple as that, all you need are the experts! a.k.a the talented team at Aavii Worldwide Sdn Bhd, to help you with the planning, organizing and managing the webinar platform for you.

We are dedicated to change the way people meet, especially during these trying times where social distancing is in practice and people around the world are being asked to help halt the spread of Covid-19.

Why Webinar?

Well, apart from being incredibly efficient, webinar is also much more inexpensive compared to organizing in-person meetings where you’ll need to think about the regional staffs attending the event, the expenses of flying everyone in and out, providing accommodations and meeting venue which can sometimes get out of control. “That sure sounds like a lot of headache!” Not to worry, webinar meetings take care of these issues, as it is now possible to host regular seminars/conferences with participants around the globe with relatively minimal expense.

All you need are these 5 essential things:

  • Strong internet connection (minimum 50mbps) to ensure stability of the webinar

  • Webinar Application (downloadable) via laptop or computer

  • Headphones with Microphone

  • A Fixed Meeting Time Frame

  • Technical experts to help you organize & manage the webinar

To enlighten you further about how we manage the webinar for you, based on our recent webinar here are the steps:

1. First, once the client has confirmed with the event, we will then create a registration page customized solely for the meeting on webinar. In the registration page we will include information such as, webinar title, webinar date, webinar description and your company logo for branding! We will also include required fields for registration and a customized registration disclaimer. We will then generate the registration list for client’s approval.

2. Once the list is approved, confirmation emails will be sent to each delegate with a unique URL generated by the webinar app as well as instructions to download the app. On the meeting day, participants will then require to click on the URL attached in the confirmation email and will be directed to the webinar waiting room.

3. As for speakers and panelists, we will organize a 60-minute rehearsal prior going live on webinar to ensure that everyone involved, especially the organizing team & speakers are aligned and ready for the meeting. Our webinar package includes, hosts/organizer which is the person who manages and controls everything from managing presenter, panelist and audience, basically has the ability to oversee the whole webinar and the coordinators to help with managing the intricacies of the technical back-end of the webinar

From our recent webinar, we had a host and co-host to oversee and manage, 2 panelists including the speaker and moderator as well as a total of 140 audiences/participants.

Throughout the meeting, a Q&A session was also managed by the host where audiences were given the chance to interact with the speaker through asking questions through typing in the chat box. The questions are then directed by the host to the moderator who then filters those questions and then directing it to the speaker, allowing him to answer to the audiences.

We can also provide other features in your webinar such as organizing a polling session up to 20 questions, post webinar surveys and many more. With our remote webinar package, it starts from RM 5999* per session/day!


To find out what else we can do for you, in terms of organizing a perfect and significant webinar experience not only for you but for your attendees.

You may reach out to us at or click HERE for more detailed information about our live webinar package.

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