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How Our Audio-Visual Equipment Department Adapted Through a Pandemic

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Shahridzal Ramli, also known as Apaq, is the Senior Executive of the TechWizard department (Audio-Visual Equipment Department) for almost 7 years. Apaq and his team has been setting up technologies for over 1000 local and international events. Setting up 20-foot tall LED panels, rolling up cables, configuring visuals and technology management were once a big part of the TechWizards’ lives. Eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a great halt in live events and forcing a big change for operations in Apaq’s team.

The TechWizards team decided to change the way they work from setting up events technology to managing Webinar since having events virtually is in high demand now. If you’re not familiar with the webinar platform features, it can be quite difficult to manage the back end of the webinar. According to Apaq, it was quite difficult for them to get their hands on the computer and learn how to organize a webinar.

For them to overcome their challenges, the TechWizards team scheduled an internal webinar training where they will practice on how to conduct the webinar smoothly. The team had created an organized SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the full webinar process to inform the clients about how we plan for a webinar from top to bottom. Apaq’s team has been practicing optimal efficiency, thus technological constraints such as camera errors and audio issues rarely occur. The TechWizards do their best to provide quick and convenient information to the clients to ensure that there are no tedious problems amid guiding clients on webinar usage.

Today, the TechWizards team can control and organize a Webinar consisting of 500 attendees or more, using all the latest features from webinar. This outbreak taught them on how to quickly adapt and how to be flexible than before. Throughout this pandemic, with the support of Apaq and his team, Aavii Worldwide has organized more than 30 webinars for different clients from various industries.

Speed is the essence. What matters now is how fast can you switch your expertise according to demand in the market. Going digital is the new way of doing business now. Here at Aavii, we are keen to help you sustain in the industry by providing digital solutions. Changing the way people meet and to keep contributing to the events industry is one of AAVII WORLDWIDE key goals.

Are you ready to go digital with us?

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