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Aavii Continues to Lead the Healthcare Industry by Offering Gamification

After 17,200 viewers, 160 speakers training & 87 remote webinars & hybrid events across various platforms since Malaysia’s first nationwide lockdown on March 18th, 2020, #aaviiworldwide continues to push our boundaries in serving our Malaysian based & regional healthcare clients by offering gamification to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) as part of our campaign communication to change the way we engage with HCPs.

If you’re looking into adding game elements to your training or other ways to engage your audience, you’ve probably stumbled across these two terms: gamification and game-based learning. So what’s the difference?

Game-based learning is training that uses game elements to teach a specific skill or achieve a specific learning outcome. It extracts core content and objectives, makes it fun or interactive to ultimately achieve a specific objective and/or outcome.

Gamification on the other hand, is the application of game mechanics in a non-game context to make your audience achieve desired behavior and drive learning outcomes using: points, levels or badges of different levels. The main difference between the two is the integration of game mechanics with training content.

Collaborate, Compete & Succeed

In our quest to offer healthcare clients a different engagement for their campaign communications - we integrate applied game-based learning with gamification to motivate HCPs by adding progress level bars to existing objective of the specific therapeutic product to create a somewhat training like modules that are fun & engaging. Diabetic and heart health therapy are taking lead in bringing gamification to the HCPs and the ease of how we gamify game-based learning onto our game can also be varied, like awarding points for correct answers, placing HCPs leaderboards, on-boarding, & collaboration. The main use of gamification is to foster engagement is to collaborate, compete & succeed through competitive learning.

Marrying game-based learning into an app delivers a set of defined communication leading up to a possible product launch, media event or internal employee communication with the aim to increase retention and engagement. Many would think that gamification with applied game-based learning can be expensive but not if you keep your requirements to a bare minimum yet sufficient to get your objective across. You may be surprised on how affordable “Gamification” can be to stand-out from purely relying on traditional DA (Detail Aid) or other medical marketing materials to engage with HCPs.

Because we are government by Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are unable to specifically share our case-studies in this article, but you are encouraged to contact our team at with the subject header: “Gamification by Aavii” and our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

The Bottom Line

Please do get ready a brief with product specifics, ideas or 3 key objectives for your product or event for easier communication. Our range of Gamification products is limitless and our fees ranges from as low as RM25,000 to RM250,000 depending on graphic requirement, complexities and man-hours required to develop the app. A typical time frame for us to get ready a game concept is 14 days and up to 60days (based on the simplest requirement) excluding approvals and response waiting time, for the first view of the app.

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